Teachers & Methodlogy


The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires - William Arthur Ward. Our teachers are committed to teaching and nurturing your children who are at this age of immense growth and change. Each teacher plays an important role in encouraging your childrens zest for learning.

Curriculum & Methodology

Our curriculum is designed to provide all round development for your child. We use Play- Think-Explore-Learn method of teaching by using sensorial development activities. Our low student / teacher ratio enables individual attention and care. We use Modern Teaching Aids. Sensorial development activities with Touch Explore-Learn methods. We give respect to ideas of each child. We encourage young children to explore their environment and express themselves using multiple ways which may include speaking, singing ,movement , drawing, painting, writing, building and designing, dramatic play, dance and music. The Children have the opportunity to engage with concepts, ideas, and interests, which arises within the group.


Nextgen kids is equipped with world class pre-school infrastructure.

  • You can watch your kid online from anywhere in the world through video surveillance system.
  • Air conditioned classrooms to keep your child active
  • LCD Projector in kids story room
  • 100+ activities and games to educate and entertain children
  • CC camera in all class rooms. Ball/Toys room, art and craft room, Indoor-Outdoor games
  • Fully Equipped children gym to create health and physical awareness in the younger minds

Interactive Smart Books

We are born with five amazing sensory instincts that we learn from.We can see,hear,speak,smell and touch. You would have noticed the difference in your quality of experience when what you are doing involves one or more of your senses. Interactive Smart Books -The right bit of technology for your child to enjoy learning in the most traditional,organic and simple ways. Simplify everything!